Buying an apartment is one of the most stressful things that could happen to anyone.

Yesterday, I asked mom to go down to view the apartment. I wasn’t sure if this is a right move because I know if she was to give a bad review about it, I would be greatly affected. But the fact is, she is critical and honest in her opinion and that’s what I need most.

Coincidentally, bro emailed me about the recent news on housing matters and I updated him. I know he’s not very supportive of us buying resale flats because to him, buying from HDB is the best option since it is the cheapest. Of course, that would be ideal except that we would like to have the apartment soon and without having to wait 3-5 years for it. Bro’s intention is to make a profit from selling the apartment after the 5 years are up but our goal is to stay there for long. Our goals thus don’t match but I know I was affected by the email exchanges.

And as I have expected, I didn’t have a good night’s rest. I was stressed. I need to know mom’s reaction to the flat.

And…my mom is actually okay with it! It turns out that the owner is someone she knows! She had a quick glance at the flat and felt comfortable in it. That’s the thing I want to hear! Since we could not be present to view the flat ourselves, my mom’s opinion does count a lot because she knows my taste, to a certain extent. She even told me that I wouldn’t like the kitchen decor and she’s absolutely right! We will do something about that!

I am at peace again. Mom’s ok with it and that means a great deal to me. Yes, we are all concerned about the economic situation but what needs to be spent has to be spent, as long as it is within our means.

One more barrier crossed. *Thumbs up*

I felt assured again. Thank you, God!

Proceeding with paperwork

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