Union Oyster House

I’m back to Apple School again to learn to use iMovie. I was early – 10 minutes before 10am – and there was already a crowd outside the store. Seems like there will always be a steady number of customers = potential $$$.

iMovie is really easy to use, much more idiot-proof than Windows Movie Maker. I should be practising using it soon!

Went to Union Oyster House for our first Restaurant Week Boston. Established in 1826, it is supposedly America’s oldest restaurant and is found along the Freedom Trail. We had the 3-course meal for $20.11 per person and we came out, feeling bloated.

We were seated on the second floor and it was rather dim, giving it an old feel to the atmosphere. We were each served cornbread before our appetizers which were Clam Chowder and Buffalo Fried Calamari. By then, we were already half-filled.


Entrees: Oysters lightly fried and pan-fried halibut. We could not finished our share. I prefer the Halibut but it was a tad plain if eaten without the sauteed yellow and red tomatoes. The mashed potatoes could have been more flavourful while the fries on the plate of oysters could be served warmer.

For desserts, we had Homemade Apple Clobber and Indian Pudding and a cup of coffee each. And yes, we couldn’t finish again. We are just small-eaters by nature. What a waste!

Both of us concurred that the appetizers are the better dishes we had tasted and that we need to exercise more. =)

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