Cinnamon raisin scones

Whenever I want easy, no-fuss breakfast goodies that need to be baked, I thought of scones, biscuits and muffins which are classified under Quick Breads. They are quick to make, as the name suggests, and can be substantial as a meal.

These scones are taken from one of Sun-Maid recipes. Scones, in the dough stage, presents itself as a shaggy lump but magical things happen to it in the oven. The dough coheres, the sugar and salt flavours polarise, and springy, moist scones rise up from the heaps on the baking sheet. Not to be mistaken for biscuits, scones are usually sweet and triangular while biscuits are unsweetened and round.

The next time I use this recipe, I will up the amount of raisins cos I’m a big fan. =)

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