Chicken Gohan (rice)

One of the surest thing that Ken and I would do while travelling is to visit bookstores. Bookstores are to the Queks what museums are to history buffs. As usual, Ken could most commonly be found at the Fantasy section while I at the Cookbook section.

So that day in D.C., we were tired from walking down National Mall where our last stop was the Natural History Museum. It was still early and we need to bum somewhere. Barnes and Nobles came to mind.

Browsing through the cookbooks, I found a Japanese one and the following recipe which is easy. All I need is 1 tbsp of sake and soy sauce each and 1 tsp of grated ginger juice and sugar for the chicken bites marinade. The rest is up to my improvisation…because I couldn’t remember the rest of the ingredients/steps. =p

Then I remember Oyako-Don and decided to throw in eggs (with mirin) and onions. It’s a simple meal, the way I like it.

The next move…apartment woes

We actually went ahead with the Option To Purchase (OTP) before we left for our trip.

A few reasons prompted our action, despite the economic uncertainties.

Personally for me, the location is the greatest pull factor. Granted that it is not next to an MRT station (actually, I didn’t want that too), nevertheless, it is only minutes from it (I mean the future station) and the bus stops. The location is near to our parents which is a great draw and near to schools which I want our offsprings to be enrolled in.

In terms of budget, we are comfortable with it. In fact, after the grants, it is well within our budget. While we are afraid that the prices might be affected with the gloomy economic news, I believe we should stick to the criteria that we set for ourselves in terms of the budget; we would still have sufficient for renovation and fixtures.

It’s all not so easy for us to trust, to be honest. Before that sleepless night, we were praying for open doors if that is the unit meant for us. And when it seems that the doors are opened, we prayed for closed doors if that is not the one due to our fears in these uncertain days.

And we both realised that we allowed fear to creep in and affect our decision even though we have already set our criterion. We have to be prudent, no doubt, but we recognised that we should not allow fear to rule us.

So, we have 7 days more to decide if we will eventually go ahead with this unit. We do have the peace unless something crops up to deter us from doing so.