Chinatown in Boston was crowded today with stalls set up along the roads (pasar malam) and it seemed that they were celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival (huh? so early?). There was the usual lion dance and Wushu performance. First time I’m witnessing these in Chinatown! Sua Ku!

We were actually not there to be part of the crowd but to satisfy our empty stomaches. Went to a Dim Sum place and the food was marvelicious! Didn’t get to take note of the restaurant. This shows that I’m very task-oriented.

It’s very strategic to have Dim Sum with a big group (about 13 of us today). That way, you could sample different types of dishes at shared cost! As you can see from the pics, we just ordered more and more!

Good choice, Sarah!

And later in the evening, Ken and I met up with a group of Singaporeans who just came over for their studies (mostly H. students). We went to Le’s restaurant at The Garage at Harvard Square. I must say the Vietnamese food served in that eatery is good and authentic!

Now…I need to start running.

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