Bumming in Philly

Contrary to what many have commented about Philadelphia, I thought it a relatively safe and interesting place. In fact, I prefer Philly to D.C. Maybe it’s because it has a good mix of historic areas and buildings and the modern alike. At the same time, there are green spaces for one to rest. And technically you can roam the main city in one day, if you just stop and go at every attraction. It’s definitely possible to walk. Just be prepared to have aching feet at the end of the day. Go for reflexology!

We first arrived at the busy 30th St Station in the late afternoon and found our way to our accommodation at Poplar St, passing by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was huge and of course, not forgetting the big crowd of fans surrounding the Rocky statue.

Our accommodation was a far cry from what we had in D.C. No complaints either since this was cheaper. From our lodging at Poplar St, we took a bus all the way to Penn’s Landing at the Historic Area and Old City for $2/pax. There are many sites and they would take you a few hours to go through them.

There was a long queue for one to take a peek at the Liberty Bell. Do you think Ken and I joined the line?

The Reading Terminal market is a great place to go because …food can be found there! Food, glorious, food! It was buzzing with activities when we reached the place at lunch hour and the lines at the Amish stalls were rather long. We went for the sausage sandwich @ $4.50 and tried their fudge @ $3 per piece.

Off we went to Chinatown and I got myself a Lau Po Bing, very similar to the ones in Hong Kong! Yum!

The following morning was spent at Fairmount Park, reportedly the world’s largest landscaped park. There were boating activities at the Boathouse Row and as we sat there, watching the people in their various activities, I wonder if our weekends back home would be as leisurely as these. I hope to, and resolve to.

Ok. That ends our brief Philly trip. Goodbye!


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