DC Sight seeing III

Some highlights:

The night at Dee’s place was so comfortable I didn’t want to go out. In the morning, was greeted by this.

Nice gesture from the host even though she doesn’t have to and technically you might say that these could be included in what we paid for the nights at the loft. But this is the first time we received such hospitality from the other hosts whom we had encountered.

Our first stop was Union Station which is worth visiting. It’s about 102 years old!

As we stepped out to proceed to the next location, a Korean guy standing near the fountain, sang:

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand…”

It reminded me, at that instance, that while news around the world may seem gloomy and fear the hell out of you, in Christ there is hope and peace. Just what we need at the moment. =)

Next stop: Capitol Hill.

Next Botanic Garden.


Hungry. Lunchtime. It’s off to the National Museum of American¬†Indian. The cafe is recommended for the various American Indian’s cuisine and the hubs and I chose a platter from the Northwest Coast (whatever that means) in the end. Nice but not cheap =(

After the fill, we went to the Smithsonian Castle and eventually to the popular Natural History Museum. Remember this creature from the film, Night at the Museum?

This is spotted at one of the exhibitions – Race. Guess what is the average household income according to race? Which race has the highest? Whites and then followed by the Asians (very close behind).

A trip cannot do without a middle-eastern meal. =)


The very next day, we headed out to U-street to do the Black History Walk starting from the African American Civil War Memorial to All Souls Unitarian Church. It isn’t much a lively place until evening when nightlife is an attraction in itself. We stopped by the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl for a Chili sausage hotdog. =)