1st viewing

Lord, please guide CG and E as they view the flats tomorrow.

This morning, we received an email from CG with videos of the four units he, E and FIL viewed.

We have been in conversation with him for weeks already and finally, yesterday, we progressed to the first viewing.

We decided, after considering the prospects of the various locations, that Bedok Reservoir View (BRV) is what we are looking for.

1) MRT line and station will be built there in future, making it more accessible. As of now, there are quite a few buses servicing that area. It thus has prospects of being more developed = higher value in future (not that we are buying for investment’s sake).

2) It is situated in the middle of Tampines and Bedok town. Our community is there and our parents’ places are within walking distance (more for my parents). This is quite a top priority, for me.

3) BRV is near the reservoir, meaning we have a decent place to run, away from the roads! There are also cycling paths leading to Pasir Ris Park and East Coast Park. Bonus!

4) There isn’t any market or decent¬†amenities¬†nearby but when we crossed over the bridge at the highway, we will be back at Bedok North Ave 4! Blk 85 market!!! Happy! And since there’s quite a few condos and we have friends staying there, that also means complimentary swimming pools and clubhouses! Yay!

5) Our alma mater schools are in the region. In fact, Ken’s is within walking distance from BRV. Good!

6) The flat that we are eyeing is within our budget and may not need extensive renovation. It is relatively new too – 10 years old – which means less issues with pipes and what not.

7) We are contented with the flat.

Lord, is this a go-ahead? Let us secure the flat?