Malted Chocolate Macarons

At last…macarons again. This morning has been rather cool and it’s back to baking again!

The hubs thought the ganache made the whole macarons taste less than sweet. “Macarons are supposed to be sweet right?” I thought that it was okay but we all have different tastebuds, so that’s all right.

Not sure how the two of us would be able to finish these macarons but we’ll try. More running perhaps?

Some of my macarons have really awful cracks. Hisako Ogita in her book, I love macarons, suggested that:
1. they are baked without drying the surface of the macarons.
2. I did not use two oven trays when baking.
3. The oven was too hot, and the bottom of the baking sheet got too much heat.

I quite suspect that the heat in the oven was too hot. These days, things get baked faster than expected. Perhaps, it’s the weather?

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