Pasta Carbonara

These days, it has been so hot that it’s hardly enticing to cook in the kitchen anymore; it’s like a furnace! It’s definitely not a good idea too to bake anything in Summer unless the kitchen has got good ventilation or an a/c installed. But since I’m not so fond of eating out, cooking has to go on.

I stumbled upon this website and the author’s entry about Pasta Carbonara. To be honest, I’m not so much of a pasta person until I came over to the States. I know it’s easy to cook but I find pasta too starchy for my liking. S cooked this dish before for small group gathering and I was won over. Since then, I have become more open to it and in particular, Pasta Carbonara – a dish that is so easy and quick to make.

Beware though, that Pasta Carbonara uses raw eggs. I’ve adapted a little of the recipe found in her blog. Oh, by the way, her pictures are really beautiful and I like her stories too.

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