Kidsweek’s over!

It was a response to a call for help and we’re glad we did. We were assigned to a bunch of 4-year-old hyperactive kids who never failed to burn us out at the end of the 3-hour session each day. It’s only 3 hours? Yep! But we were on our toes EVERY single minute and it was really mentally and physically draining. Thankfully, we were paired up with S who was experienced with kids since she served in Sunday School and were given extra help since the in-charge knew that we had a very active group, in fact, the most active 4-year-old group.

Each day, the sequence of activities remained the same – movie, games, craftwork, snack and storytelling – and there’s a constant theme throughout. I love the storytelling session the best because I’ve got to learn how to inject mini activities within the story to keep the children attentive and interested. Would love to learn more!

And each day, I’m amazed by my own hubs who handled the kids well. Though he was tired at the end of each day, he still tried to perk me up. It’s wonderful to be working alongside him all these times, from working in HQ to helping out in church. It’s been a journey of knowing more and more about him, just like our journey with the Lord.

Now, we need a rest from the screaming kids…nah…they’re adorable. =p Will we volunteer again if there’s a chance? We believe we will!

Very hot!

 It’s VERY HOT! We can perspire profusely merely by sitting in the kitchen. The fan gave out hot air and the refrigerator  is crying out loud. Autumn! Please come quickly! We are melting now!