When the weather’s freaking hot…

…go Chill.

354 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton


My love.

Can you blame me? That after having that unforgettable bowl of ramen at Ippudo, the soul in me still longs for something Japanese.

I need to tell you a place to get nice sushi which doesn’t really cost a bomb; it’s at a corner right smack in Chinatown, downtown Boston, but you might miss it easily since the small store is located inside a building. The sweet hubs googled this place after I told him about my desire for these rolled-up rice and we were back again after our first visit a few weeks back.

Avana Sushi| 42 Beach St
(between Harrison Ave & Tyler St)
Boston, MA 02111

After the departure of the family, I got my hands on Laksa. They have brought the Prima-taste laksa premix and it is the closest resemblance (right down to the taste) I can get. It gets as spicy as it should even without my adding of the belachan chilli. The poor hubs prepared himself by filling a cup of ice and midway through the meal, had to go out to the living room to cool himself in front of the fan. =p Yup, it’s better this way. I certainly do not wish for additional flavour to be added to the bowl of laksa. Heheheh. No cockles I’m afraid but still I was very much satisfied with the result.

I love my Asian food a lot, really.

Brekky for today: Toast with egg mayo with cilantro and pancetta.

Note: Need to learn how to cook laksa from scratch and to make own sushi.