@ South Station Bus Terminal. @ Logan International Airport.

It’s a short but joyful time meeting up with Peg. This ex-colleague is perhaps the few who came up to me and made me feel so comfortable on my first visit to the meeting at TDD. We hit it off well, almost instantaneously, partly  due to her sociable nature and partly because we both shared some similar issues then.

Anyway, I was indeed privileged that she detoured her plan to come back to Boston to look me up, even if it means the meeting up would take only a few hours. She had just completed her presentation/teaching at Worchester (pronounced Wooster) State University, together with Dr Yeap, and I believe she really needs a breather. She shared how Singapore Math (erm, I don’t have a good definition of what that is; it’s just Maths that I grew up learning!) is going to take off all the more quickly in the US and on the many Mathematical concepts that I listened with fascination. Math is interesting indeed!

I wish she could stay on longer but she soon left for NYC for her much needed break and I left to meet up with the family for a last dinner & ice-cream treat in Boston.

This family trip has allowed me to get to know more about my in-laws and myself better. The older folks have been marvellous, just a little too accommodating. I was hoping that they could be more demanding and tell us what they wanted. Alas, they were OK with anything and everything, even if it tires them out from too much walking, esp in NYC. I thought we could have been more open with one another since honesty is the best policy. At the end of the day, all was well and I simply enjoyed chatting and joking with the auntie . Loud she is but totally adorable. When they left for the departure gate this morning, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. Just a tiny, weeny bit. Not sure if it is Singapore and the familiar life that I miss but it won’t be long too before I say my last goodbye at the departure gate. Hugging her, I told her, “Cook laksa ok?” And a deal was made. There would be laksa at the family Christmas dinner! Soooo looking forward. Hum…hum…hum…bloody red hum!

It’s back to the normal life again. Been lazing around and not working in the kitchen which makes me kind of lost. Not been running too and this makes me feel fat. Ok. I need to start afresh from tomorrow onwards.

It’s summer! Get your butt outta here!