The morning meeting with the principal of Park Street School has been most delightful and I think I will be meaningfully engaged in the Fall, being attached to the school for my professional development.

Within the hour of discussion, my heart was already beating with excitement as she shared about the school’s reading programme, intervention strategies, phonics & grammar programme and tracking of the reading levels through electronic means. Another meeting was scheduled to learn from the vendors about some IT stuff and I would be all set to start my attachment in September!

I didn’t want to take this lightly. Indirectly, I’m representing my employer ( and fraternity) when we embark on such attachment or any volunteer work. I hope to add value to the school too as we exchange ideas and provide constructive feedback to each other.

Time to go back to study and be updated with all those educational strategies and research. =)

Stepping out of the school and into the city, I was greeted by Farmers’ Market at Copley and went home with a bag of fresh cherries at Whole Foods @ $2.99/pound. Happy!