My friend, Peg, whom I’m meeting tomorrow, asked me to introduce her to some places in NYC since that would be her next stop after meeting up with me. I am in a fix. To be totally honest, NYC is not on my A-list of places to visit…now. Before I first came here, I was looking forward to the trip with much eagerness. Now, I have to think twice. Having just returned from visiting the big apple, I could only say that my satisfaction level is 2 out of 5.

My impression could well be conjured by the company I’m with, the budget for my travel and the types of places I have visited. One thing I’m sure of: If you have the spending power, NYC is a great place to visit. The great fashion houses and Michelin-rated restaurants are congregated in the city and you are spoilt for choices.

Let me attempt to squeeze out a few to-do/visit list:

NYC is not a place to drive in. So the public transport and travelling on foot are ideal. Pace yourself and you will enjoy the many sights along the way.

1. Visit the Statue of liberty. What is a NYC visit without it? The visit itself should take one whole morning if you begin your day at 8.30am. Included in the fare is the ticket to visit Ellis Island. There is a museum there tracing the days of the early immigrants. I thought that the museum is cool but be warned that you will be sapped of energy by the time you reached Ellis island.

2. Take a walk along Brooklyn Bridge. I thought it was kind of romantic (if you do so in the early morning or evening). We attempted that in the afternoon and we were also dried up like ikan bilis. The Manhattan skyline is a wonderful sight to behold.

3. I love Union Square Green Market where farmers and bakers sell their goods! Fresh, colourful produce awake your senses as you stroll through the various tents. I can’t help but be tempted to buy something back. If I were to live in NYC, that would be a place I would frequent.

4. Eat to your heart’s content. If my stomach could take it, I would want to have a bite of those delicious-looking baked goods and all the good food in NYC. We had a few good ones at Ippudo and a restaurant in Chinatown. Love the food trucks too, especially the ones selling Middle Eastern food.

5. Watch a broadway muscial! I haven’t had the chance to do so and let’s hope one day, this little wish could be fulfilled.

6. I’ll be cliche and add Central Park to the list, an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. It’s a good place to chill and relax after walking for miles. It has special meaning to me since that is the place where I had my first overseas marathon – the coveted NYC marathon – and perhaps the last marathon I would run in this lifetime. =p

NYC is a lot busier than Boston and could do better with more cleaning up of the streets and subway tracks. People are always rushing and I certainly hope to see more cheerful faces. Maybe I just have not met them…yet.

That’s all, folks!