The Queks’ family travel continues in Boston today. Some highlights…

Had our lunch at Eagles Deli and Restaurant where they sell burgers, sandwiches and fries. Totally delectable and with large portions, it is advisable to share. Prices are around $10 for a set and the fries are particularly crispy, just like the ones we had at Yosemite ski resort! Yumz!

Next up, we went for a Chocolate factory tour at Taza. It’s not at a convenient spot and you might miss it if you are not that direction savvy. The tour itself takes about a good 30 minutes and is a brief introduction of the world of Cacao beans and the wonders they can make. Personally, I enjoyed the tour and most definitely the shopping part. The family spent at least a hundred dollars on those chocolate discs, meant as gifts for their friends. I will return…to buy the decorative cacao pod for educational purposes. =p More pics here.

Off to Haymarket we went and Koko was excited by the fruits and vegetables sold. Got a few bags of those juicy fruits!


Off to Museum of Fine Arts and the admission is free today!

This recently-renovated museum is big and you will be sure that we are going back again!

Dinner at Betty’s is a definite NO-NO as you will experience the extremes of sweetness, saltiness and sourness in the dishes. =(