Canada Tour

When was my last holiday with a tour group? It must have been eons ago and it certainly feels strange to visit parts of Canada with the in-laws with a tour group. The perks are that we don’t really have to plan anything and all we need to do is to follow the itinerary and…sleep on the bus. The trade-off then would be the fact that it is rather rigid and that you don’t have the freedom to stay at one place for long should you like it. Since we are travelling with the older folks, I’m just glad to take things easy and follow the tour group; we don’t have to rack the brains to plan.

This tour that we took covers Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal but the highlight for the family is the Niagara Falls. We managed to catch the beautiful scenery from both the US and Canadian side and 1 1/2 day with the falls is really enough. =p

$45 for a 3-course meal with a Niagara Falls view at the revolving restaurant. The high cost makes me sick but the good food puts me at ease again.

Love the skyline of Toronto city but the concrete jungle is not enticing in the long run.

❤ Ottawa! We went off a tad earlier because Kate and William will be there for Canada Day ( 1 July) at the same spot. =(

Hot dogs near Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. A must-try. It’s delicious and at $3-4, a steal.

Love the charm of old Montreal. It’s as if I’m back in Paris.

The last supper. Me with my big bowl of clams… *puke*