Salt: The mineral that slows down the multiplication of yeast cells, regulates the fermentation process, and adds flavour to the loaf.

Wheat: The only cereal containing gluten, an elastic complex of starch and proteins that can retain carbon dioxide gas and stretch under pressure to form a structured loaf.

Water: The vital liquid that transforms starchy, powdery wheat into a glutinous framework that stretches during fermentation and coagulates during baking to form a loaf.

Yeast: A fungus that consumes sugars in flour and produces the carbon dioxide gas that makes bread rise: the agent of fermentation for a loaf.

Let’s talk about food.

I’m referring to the festival that we went today…and I had the whole family going too.

I was attracted by the series of talks and presentations by Boston’s top chefs and range of experts. Thankfully, we were I was in time for Jody Adam‘s session on tackling lobsters with Governor Deval Patrick while the rest of them went off to visit the various exhibitors.

We didn’t stay long at the festival. The family was done with their tour even before the talk was over. I quickly browsed the booths so that they didn’t have to wait too long though I really wanted to stay longer, better still, the whole day. The hubs had asked me to join my gfs who would be there the afternoon but I declined his offer. The next time? I would go with my foodie gfs but I’m afraid there’s no next time. =(

Food trucks galore!

Bagels various kinds


Rows of exhibitors