I survived!

After almost a year of not driving , I went on my very first time driving in US in an SUV – Ford Escape – and survived!

But it was not without any drama as we collected the car in the morning. For example, I did not exactly know how to operate an auto-car ( I know this sounds silly but I have been driving manual in all my years of driving) and needed to familiarize with the opposite side of driving which means the switches for the lights and wiper are differently located. But once I started driving for a while, it was really a smooth ride all the way, thanks to Ken AKA the human GPS.

We also chose the wrong vehicle for this morning. We thought the Ford Escape. could accommodate 6 people but in the end, it could only seat 5. Thankfully Sarah came, wanting to sit beside me to give me the moral support and guide me, but in the end had to drive her own car so that all 7 of us could set off to our destination comfortably. It was divine arrangement. =)

So to Wrentham Premium Outlets we went and I swooned over Kitchenaid’s standmixer with a new cherry red color and a glass bowl. Cool! Too bad I could not have it since the voltage difference would pose a problem if I bring it back to Singaland. At Le Creuset, I pondered real hard if I should get a 5.5 Q iron-cast Dutch Oven. Ken’s response was, “Don’t we have one already?” All pots look the same to him, doesn’t matter the sizes. I think only a person who cooks would understand why there is a need for a bigger pot, especially if we are boiling soup or baking a whole chicken or cooking for guests. We can’t always cook in batches, can we? Maybe if we have the time…Oh well, I can always get the pot when I go back home. =)

Exhausted. But it’s good to know that everyone survived!

And I have achieved another of my 2011’s to-do item: #1. Drive in Boston at least once on an outing. =)

Over the two days…

Poseur Dad wanted to be like Sir Stamford Raffles but this is John Harvard’s statue!

The two guys looking glum…outside the dean’s office. Reprimanded?

Attitude problem dude

Cannot tahan…15 minutes’ break @ Copley library

Supporting the kids in their project. Buy some cupcakes and cookies?

Ken cooking fried rice for the family. Superb!