Apartment hunting…and woes

Source: Straits Times

While many have been complaining about the exorbitant prices for the DBSS units at Tampines, the folks at home (one of them) actually went to view it and asked for an application form on my behalf.

I nearly flipped and breathed out fire.

It’s the time of the season when apartment-hunting is on my radar and making me frustrated and…hot-headed in these summer days. While staying in swanky new apartments is ideal, we really do not have the finances to fund it, unless my parents want to give it to me as a present, like what the New Yorkers are increasingly doing. Otherwise, it’s a big NO NO.

Anyone wants to donate to the Queks’ foundation?

At the end of the day, I believe the folks just want us to stay in a relatively new flat, free from the problems old apartments would give, which is absolutely understandable. They have our interest at heart, love them! But there are constraints too, or criteria which we need to consider when we think about purchasing a place we can call our own.

Let me attempt to list them, as the hubs has so often asked me to do.


No money, no talk. No matter how cool the place looks, if we are short of finances, there is really no point in discussing it. We looked into our savings and did our Math. Financial freedom is something we want to achieve in time to come and slaves to the bank we want not to be. Looking into the future, we want to be able to survive on one income and provide for our children in a comfortable way. Raising kids is no mean feat and we do need to consider the cost involved too. Bearing these in mind, let’s be realistic – we cannot afford a high-priced apartment.


We ❤ the east! Thankfully, both of us grew up in Bedok and love the area to the core! My FIL’s place is just 20 minutes’ walk to the East Coast and we enjoy the morning jog every weekend. The church we worship at is about 15 minutes’ walk from both Ken’s and my place. Our primary schools are in the area and we want our kids to be schooled there too (either one will do). Ample amenities are available and we are spoilt for choice. The best thing is, we will be close to our parents if we can find a place there so Bedok is the place we want to reside eventually. At one stage, Punggol seems like a good choice because the flats are new and the area quiet. Besides, many of my friends stay there and it’s easy to meet up with them. However, I find the location a push factor and decide, in the end, that it is not a viable choice.

Type of apartment

This is related to the cost and location. I had adamantly wanted a 5-room apartment since I grew up in a space such as that and love the spacious area. Love having a dining room and a balcony to grow some herbs but because of the budget, a 4-room apartment might seem more feasible.

Since we want to reside in Bedok, we might need to be content with old flats. We went to view the flats in that area before and I was not in the least happy with what I saw; the apartment was in a dire state and in desperate need for a make-over. Think renovation cost!

…………………………………………. Stop for now……………………………………………..


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