Is there a royal wedding?

Rows of barricades lined the streets of Boston. Fans have been waiting (and partying) since dawn. The scene is just like that of the royal wedding in London. But no, there’s no wedding but the celebration of the Bruins’ victory over the Stanley Cup!

The hubs had wanted to be there in person to join in the celebration; it’s a big thing! After knowing that there will be a live telecast, we got lazy and decided to stay in. We missed the fun, no doubt about it, but we also know full well that we would not be able to witness any of the Bruins players in the duck boats unless we placed our spots the night before. We are that SHORT and will probably get a taste of those armpit smell (sry, crude). =p

It’s a whole Bostonian’s affair here. They have been waiting for 39 years for this cup to return! And this year IS the year! The crowd is amazing; it’s even better that those at the Boston Marathon. The city is packed to the core and the people are raring to have fun and to cheer for their heroes. That’s the spirit of Americans! Lively, fun-loving, spontaneous and so full of life! (ok, I know I’m repeating the same thing but you get the idea?)

I don’t know much about ice hockey and definitely not a fan in the first place but I ended up jumping up and down while watching them play (you know how excited I can get *roll eyes*). The Bruins did a splendid job indeed! Got to give it to them.

The sports scene here is just soooooo… amazing! When will Singaland ever reached this level?

And I think we are the only ones staying at home to watch the live telecast. Ok…I’m exaggerating but I seriously have the feeling that the whole of Boston is at the parade, minus the shopkeepers, cashiers, T-drivers, librarians, etc, etc.

Tribute to Boston, the City of Champions:
(ripped from Ken’s FB status)

‎2004: New England Patriots win the Superbowl
2007: Red Sox win the World Series
2008: Celtics win the NBA Championships
2011: Bruins win the Stanley Cup
Boston! Grand Slam of NA Sports Trophies over last 7 years!