Steamed chicken with coriander & Ginger dressing

I need a bigger kitchen and cool weather too! These days, Mr Sun has been shining so brightly and fiercely that one could easily be sapped of energy. We felt lethargic and even running for a mere 2km was a feat. It was too hot!

We did a 5km in the morning and upon returning home, I was hungry. It was 11am, just the right time to prepare lunch. I had wanted to prepare the steamed chicken with coriander and ginger dressing, a recipe I had kept in the blog for months. It was pretty easy to execute but it’s not just this dish that I’m preparing…I’m also stir-frying my favourite kang kong. So, my small stove-top can only accommodate small pans. Once the wok is in use, the other pots have to ‘squeeze’ in. My countertop is small too and while attempting mise en place, frustration set in.

I fully know I should be contented with this space since it’s considered relatively comfortable in apartments of this region. But it’s a far cry from the one back home. The real kitchen space is about 1/3 of the one at home and countertop space is soooooo limited! I know I shouldn’t complain but today I just wanted to rant! The hot weather didn’t help, nor did the very empty stomach. =p A hungry man is an angry man. Indeed!

But the dish is marvelicious! I…LOVE it! You would have extra sauce with the recipe and I think I would do a liang mian with it. Just nice for a summer day!

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Allspice crumb muffins

Muffins are those that fall under the category of Quick Breads because they don’t need the long fermentation time that traditional yeast- risen breads require. Instead, quick bread recipes rely upon chemical leaveners – baking soda and baking power – for their rise, and once the batter is mixed, it goes directly into the oven.

There are three mixing methods for quick bread and this recipe here uses the Muffin Method. It is sometimes called the quick-bread method and this technique involves blending the dry ingredients in one bowl and the other liquid ingredients in another and then combining the two just until moistened. You want to mix until no streaks of flour or pools of liquid remain. Don’t worry too much about lumps remaining in the batter; they’ll disappear during the baking process. Be careful not to overmix! Should you do so, the muffins or quick bread will be tough and chewy and you will see some tunneling in the crumb – a sure sign that too much gluten was developed during mixing.

Good muffins have a slightly uneven, coarse texture.

So, these are breakfast for today. What’s yours?

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