Lesson ob @ Park Street School

It’s a mini dream come true. I went to Park Street School! For lesson observation, that is. =)

I have long wanted to visit this school, knowing that it is a private school and through its website, am attracted to the curriculum. I have written in before to inform them about my desire to volunteer in the school and though they have assured me that I would be updated once there is any vacancies, I had not heard from them since. After a casual comment made during the small group’s prayer session, Sarah T, knowing my interest, got me connected with a teacher there and then with just a few emails and within a week, I am invited to visit the school and observe her class!

School starts at 8am but I was at the doorstep at 7.40am. Darn, my watch was fast again! Thankfully, Sarah B, the teacher was already in and I was soon ushered into her classroom. Like most American schools, the teacher stays in the class all the time and that is her ‘office’. Sarah’s class was neat and colourfully decorated with students’ works and self-made posters. We had a short chat to acquaint each other and then I was shown the rest of the school. It is a pretty small building with about 200 students but hey, this makes the students and staff a tight-knitted family. I like it!

So what is so different about private schools as compared to the public schools. Well, for one, the school fees differ greatly. For a Grade 2 student, the fee is a whopping $18,200 per year! *Faint*

There are lots that I learnt today and I have written my observations which constitute 5 pages. Too tired to write now but I tell you, to teach in that class or that school is something I would fight for! For someone who doesn’t like to fight for anything and yet make that kind of statement tells a lot about the school.

I want to go back to the school. There’s so much to learn. I feel like I’m on practicum again.

Some pictures from the public garden which is near the school. Oh yes, did I tell you that the class size is a luxurious 14?

Minister Sir, would you please please consider reducing class size so that better rapport and teacher-student relationship could be built and maintained? For your consideration pls. As you start to visit the various schools in Singaland, do bear this in mind?


And I did my own version of chocolate chip cookies which I christen Choco Chunks and Pecan nutty cookies.

I love its crunchy texture. =)