Early summer thoughts

The weather has changed to resemble slightly to the one back home. Hot, a little humid and sunny (read – not good for making pastry in a warm kitchen). We met up with this new guy who recently just arrived from Singaland (and will be enrolling in BC) and we asked him to tag along as we went to Jac’s place to collect some of the stuff that she’s giving away.

And we left the place, grinning, at least for me. I have inherited a microwave oven and lots of foodstuff from her, enough to last me for a while. Time to distribute to friends too; good things must share. Before long, I would be doing the same as well.

Maybe you might say it is a bit early for me to think about these things but really, there’s quite a bit of logistics and mostly the stuff came from the kitchen and books. I hope not to ship though it might be a tad challenging. I thought of selling my beloved Kitchenaid mixer since the voltage is different back home and even using a transformer may not guarantee smooth operation. The hubs said we could buy again when we go back but I guess it would not be the same. It has, after all, a sentimental value to it. Oh well, I┬ámust┬álearn not to hang on to things.

And then, I am going to expect more books and a set of knives if my interview with the culinary school is successful and that I am admitted. There’ll be more things to carry home. How to bring them back?

If only we are given more luggage weight/space. But then again, it would still not be enough because we will only buy more and then complain again. =p

Be contented, Lynn.