CSCA AB Lesson #4 – Chocolates

It’s no joke dealing with chocolates. Today, every one of us was assigned one item to make and each of us will be involved in one way or another, in creating those hand-made chocolates.

We used the seeding method of tempering (the process of melting and cooling chocolates in such a way that it hardens with a glassy, smooth coat that does not melt easily in the hand) and it basically means tempering a large quantity of chocolate easily by adding solid chocolate to already melted chocolate. Ok, there is a lot of science involved in it and I can only say that temperature and the absence of water are of utmost importance here. We were all doing fine for about 10 of the trays of chocolates until the last 3 trays when the temperature went beyond the stated temperature as we let it go through the double broiler. Arghh…

I know the above doesn’t really make sense because I am still grasping the concept of tempering. All I can say is that I totally appreciate hand-made chocolates and understand why chocolatier affix premium prices on those chocolates you see through the glass counter. It’s hard, hard work. 

And oh boy, what a lot of chocolates we dealt with today…it must have been expensive!

Below is the process:

And we each brought home a box of chocolates and truffles…time to exercise.