Siu Mai

Originally, Ching-He’s recipe for her Siu Mai contains pork and prawn. The hubs is allergic to prawns and I didn’t add them in. I suppose you can substitute with bits of carrots, mushroom filling or water chestnuts for that crunchy feel but I was rather lazy and just did the bare minimal. I topped each up with a red wolfberry (goji berry – my mom’s essential eats each morning) to add colour to the Siu Mai. Good as a starter with soy dipping sauces of your choice. I found the skin to be a little hard when I took them out from the steaming as compared to when I boil them in water (wrapped); I prefer the latter.

Random thoughts:

* Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a slightly backward city. Living too long in a highly efficient country ( also less ‘ren qing’) has made me complacent.

* I want to continue to live a purpose-driven life and that purpose can only be given by the Lord God. Thankfully that purpose is not hidden from men; we just need to ask.

* I’m thankful for a hubs who loves and supports me in all that I do. It makes life so much easier.

* I am not a theoretical person. I’m just not good with words.

*  I enjoyed the free online photography seminar last weekend with Penny De Los Santos. Such a skillful and professional  yet humble photographer. I realized my photography is all crap after going through the seminar. Lots to learn and improve.

* I’m thankful for the friends I have, whether in my home country or here. They are all gifts from God.

* I’ve only about 6 more months left in Boston. I need to make full use of the time given. Just a thought: If you are given 6 more months to LIVE, what would you do? I think my answer would vastly differ.

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