Random watch

It’s a random selection and decision to watch this movie. Do you believe in true love? In the show, one chinese saying was used – shi ge nan ren, jiu ge huai. yi ge xiang zuo guai. Sorry, this netbook has no chinese characters installed. Translated, it means out of 10 men, 9 are bad while one has something up his sleeve. Dear ladies out there, have you at any stage of your lives, thought about this? We want to find the 11th guy, the one who is a gentleman, who will be loyal and love you and you alone. Where on earth is this guy??!! Is he extinct?

In the movie, there are two guys who are in love with the lady. One is a flamboyant, assertive man and loves to take charge. Being with this type of men opens you to a whole new world of adventure and uncertainties and well, some of us women love it and our lady felt in love with him . The other is a gentleman and gives the woman the space and time to think through matters and yet chivalrous in the profession of his feelings to her. The showy man loves her but his weakness for women (he chose a fling with a stranger over meeting our lady) does not give our lady the assurance of his loyalty. So in the end, who do you think our lady chooses?

As an onlooker, I was worried for our lady. It’s obvious who is the one who truly cares for her, who will not perform silly acts to get her jealous and who will go to her rescue if she needs a shoulder to cry on. However, our lady was in love with the man who cheated on her (well, he loves her too but he has a weakness) and it really takes great wisdom and courage to choose the right one.

I was reminded of the hubs and the Lord as I cried my way through the end of the story. I have asked myself the above question before and has at one point given up finding the one who loves me truly, for who I am and who will be faithful to the end. Then he appeared all of a sudden and ever so gentle, even in his request for permission to ask me out. He is the one who pursues me first in his humble and gentle manner. No pretense, no flamboyance. It’s a very old-school style of courtship, one which is hardly seen nowadays.

And his character stays true and consistent even in marriage and though I always make mistakes, he’s always so forgiving. Like today, my oversight cost us to spend more on Athan’s European Bakery but he just shrugged his shoulders and comforted me, “It’s ok. We all make mistakes and this is such a small one.” To me, it’s really one that is so glaring; I should have checked! Anyway, I will keep the story to myself. =p

And I thought of the Lord. Do you know the Lord loves us first and pursues us? We are never the ones who seek Him first but He does the acts first, little acts here and there to make you notice Him. When our interest in Him is aroused, He does not grab us by the hand and show us everything we can have if we agree to a relationship with Him. He does so gently and slowly and waits ever so patiently for us to respond to Him. Though we are constantly blinded by the lights of the world, the riches and all its glory, he still waits for us. Though it makes Him sad by how we reject Him and how we live our lives, choosing other things over Him, He doesn’t give up on us. This is our God, the One who loves us first.

I think I’m really loving the script…more on the views of actors.

4 thoughts on “Random watch

  1. So after a morning when we were both pretty wrapped up with our own laptops, I moved over to the wife’s side, gave her a hug and asked her what she had been up to.

    She shared that she had spent the morning watching this wonderful love story and starting gushing about how difficult it was to find that amazing man when (as the story claims) so many men are just terrible.

    So I was getting slightly down since it was beginning to sound as if she agreed with the story that there were no good men around and I was wondering what she thought of me at that point.

    And then she says, “I think I know a good man though…”

    *Yay* goes my heart, and I break into a half-grin just as she continues…

    “Jesus is the best lover for me.”

    Like that how to win…

    • Yes, go watch it! I’ve watched twice..on Tudou…..
      Is it showing on the big screen in Spore…


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