Friday the 13th…

…I was reminded once again of God’s faithfulness. That I should be thankful for little blessings, that life can be an adventure (with all its ups and downs) but all is well because God is in control…all the time.

I am on to something but guess I’d rather keep it under wraps for now until I’m more confirmed about the directions.

On Thursday, a girl in school came up to me and ask, “When are you going back?” “12.30pm?”

“So fast?”


“I like you. You’re fun.”

I didn’t do anything great, merely guiding her to do some classwork. Of course, she felt triumphant when she could do it. But her words made my day. Yes, dear girl, I can be fun, you know? =p

It’s interesting to note that when I was in my usual teacher mode to that small group of kids assigned to me, they were stunned by my firmness and behaved themselves. It’s all the more interesting to see that they were stealing glances at me when the teacher was teaching them and when I gave them a stern look, they stopped their nonsense. That piercing cold look worked wonders. Hah! I do miss the classroom scene. It’s so much drama!

For Ken, it has been a good semester. I’m happy that he did well overall and that he’s passionate about education.

Today’s massage session was good and at a good price, thanks to groupon! And a wonderful lunch at Penang.

Life’s little blessings.

Thank You!

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