David Lebovitz’s Racines Cake

You absolutely have to bake this cake. When I first received his book ‘Ready for Dessert’, that is the first item that I wanted to bake (as you can see, there are many recipes that I want to try too) because it is so easy to bake and from his description, it really sounds marvelicious!

Racines is a restaurant in Paris and while David was in the men’s room, his eyes caught sight of a recipe for chocolate cake. After he returned from his table. he noticed a chocolate cake with the same name on the menu and so ordered it. It was so delicious, he wrote, that he returned to the men’s room, this time with a pad of paper and pen with him.

The cake is good when eaten on the day it is baked. We consumed it the next day and it was… still good! It was moist and rich with chocolate and not too sweet. If you are not used to cocoa nibs (peeled roasted cocoa beans transformed into chunks), you can opt them out. Okay, my pictures don’t really do justice to the cake but until I have my multi-card reader fixed, I just have to bear with this.

Oh, forgot to say this: for goodness’ sake, use good quality chocolate. =)

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