CSCA AB Lesson #2 – Meringue

Another wonderful session in class! Oh! That’s quite a bit to talk about Meringue and I think I shall slowly pen down the notes over the next few days.

Today, every one of us attempted the different recipes on our own. I was the only one to go for Italian Meringue since I have done French meringue when baking macarons. What better way than to try it in class and get the chef to show you the ropes. Smart move, Lynn! I’m proud of you.

Anyway, I’m too engrossed in my work to capture more scenes in the kitchen. I like my performance today and I like it that I was swift in what I did. And if I can choose all over again on what I want to do when I first came over to Boston, I would choose to go to pastry school. I find myself so at home in the kitchen and enjoy the learning tremendously. No, I am not thinking about becoming a pastry chef though this could be one option. For now, I just love the learning. And shouldn’t we be learning for the sake of the love for learning rather than for a certificate or a job prospect and what not?

More info to be updated. For now, I’m saddened by the loss of a capable minister in the election that has just come to a conclusion. But hey, no one is indispensable. The election is over. Now is the time to start walking the talk.