“Darby, I think we need to go on dates!”

One of the lessons that I have learnt from the marriage class is that as married couples, we need to continue to go on dates (obviously with your spouse) so that you have time to yourselves and this practice is especially important when the kids come along; don’t be lost in the world of busyness and so neglect each other.

Judging from what we have been doing, I fear that we are falling into the category of those couples who don’t do dates anymore. Oh no! We need to do something about it!

“Ok! Hmm…What shall we do? Do you want to watch a show?” inquired the hubs.

“Nope. I would rather use the  money to buy baking stuff. How about we go to a cafe and chill?

“Ok! That sounds like a plan. Anything you say, whatever you want.” I rolled my eyes.

But chilling out in the cafe never happens. Instead we I often change our plans to doing grocery and we are cool about it. It is most enjoyable to walk with the hubs in the cool wintry weather from our place to Trader Joe’s at Coolidge Corner and then back to Star Market to complete the purchase and the 6km walk makes me happy.

Today we did something slightly different. We are always delighted that Borders sends us mailer for discounts and we decided to pop by to see if the game ‘Bananagrams’ is available. Our folks here have been playing this and we are hooked. I’m quite terrible at it and want to have secret training before I play with them. =p

Naturally, when we are at Borders, we do spend some time in the building. The hubs in the Sci-fi/Fantasy section and I, as usual, at the cooking/baking section. There were quite a few books that I was interested and 40% discount is rather enticing. But I thought checking out at the library might help save some money. And indeed, they have it! We both checked out of the library with a few books in our hands. Happy!

After lunch was a game of Bananagrams until I couldn’t tahan anymore since the weather was just too ideal for jogging. The sun was shining ever so brightly and the temperature has risen to 4 – 9C. How can you bear not to run? The hubs, though exhausted, was gamed to accompany me. What joy! The day ended with the baking of cupcakes for a birthday gal and a couple more rounds of Bananagrams.

So, I’ve concluded that it’s not the activities that matter. It’s the company that counts. I love spending time at home cooking and singing to Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera with the hubs. I love playing Bananagrams with him although it pisses me off that I could only win one game thus far. I love walking to the supermarkets with him and having chats along the way. I love jogging with the hubs and I have always loved this.

So, I guess there’s nothing wrong with us. Maybe we have always been on dates. Ok, Lynn, stop kicking up a fuss.


2 thoughts on “Dating…

  1. Des and I used to go on dates all the time (as in we go out quite a bit) before Dallen comes along. And we set aside Friday as the ‘official’ date night. So unless it’s official business, or a can’t-help-it situation, none of us are allowed to take leave (from each other) on Fridays and we’re kinda strict about this. And what do we do? We do what we love. Eat! We explore restaurants in SG and ideally only go to those we have not been before. If we like the food, then we save repeat visits for the weekends and/or bring friends with us. Now that Dallen has come along, we do spend less time (or should I say pay attention to) with each other. But we’ve kept our date night. After dinner (with Dallen as the third party) we do movies after he sleeps. I guess that would suffice for now. 🙂 Fret not! Doing things on your own is normal after marriage. Cos you live together and spend most of your time together! You can’t be sticking to each other all the time right??? Personal and breathing space needed!!!

    P.S. I do love the fact that Des likes to read and that we can sit down and read together (that’s doing things together too, you know!). Otherwise, he’ll nvr understand why I need to spend so much time reading and be resentful and then I’ll start feeling guilty and la-dee-dah-dee-dah… You get the picture.

    • Hahaha..thanks! It’s nice to hear your experience and I think as long as you like what you are doing, that’s good enough!

      Good sharing! =)

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