FFWD: Savory cheese and ham bread

The original recipe calls for chive but knowing that our man prefers meat to vegetables, ham is used instead. This ingredients used are highly flexible in the sense that you could play with whatever hard cheese you have on hand rather than sticking strictly to the ones indicated. I have Swiss cheese and cheddar and I like the combination. I’ve also added chopped toasted walnuts and thinly sliced scallions. Instead of using white pepper, I used black pepper and in the end, I felt as if I have created my own version of this bread.

This bread is easy to bake and requires no special equipment. In many ways, it’s like a muffin and it’s prepared in much the same manner. It may well look like a good old American quick bread but according to Dorie, it has got a French soul. In fact, she was inspired to make it after having had so many versions in many places across France, particularly in the Champagne region. The basic loaf bread in France usually contains some cheese.

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