Pastries chronicles

Let’s start from this day forth! I’ll work on pastries for the whole of this week and the next. Beware though. Pastries have a high butter content and it’s only wise that you add in some exercise regime; you might pile on those pounds unknowingly. Doing housework will help perhaps?

I am having a few texts to help me understand the workings of Pastries. They are James Paterson’s Cooking, Williams-Sonoma’s Essentials of baking, Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook and E. Prueitt & C. Robertson’s Tartine.

In my maiden post on Pastries, I shared a little on the topic and the various kinds of pastries we can have. Broadly, they are puff pastry, Danish pastry, croissant dough, Choux and Filo.

Puff pastry, Danish pastry and croissant doughs are laminated, meaning that it is a tender dough that is repeatedly rolled and folded with a butter block until the butter is divided into scores of layers within the mass.

Flipping through the pages, I decided to do a map-mind on the goodies that we can have from pastries.

Ok. Let’s type them out clearly here:

Classic Puff pastry/ Quick Puff pastry
* Apple turnover
* Cheese straw
* Palmiers
* Strawberry/Chocolate Napoleans

Danish Pastry
* Apricot/Prune Pinwheels
* Chocolate Danish Braid
* Cheese Danish
* Apricot Bowties
* Chocolate-Pistachio Danish
* Sticky buns
* Sugar Buns

Choux Pastry
* Cream Puffs
* Eclairs
* Profiteroles with ice-cream & chocolate sauce
* Gougeres

Croissant dough
* Almond croissant
* Pain au chocolat
*Pain au Jambon
* Croisssant aux Amandes

This list is not exhaustive but I’m aiming to bake these in the following few weeks.

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