Love in the home

I was disappointed with myself.

Teaching ESL needs a totally different set of skills and knowledge. I realised I could not apply what I used to do in schools on these adults who are struggling to make sense of the English Language. But how much is enough? What will be too much for them to grasp? What do they really want?

I always believe that story-telling is a marvelous strategy in teaching a language, no matter how simple the story might be. I used it today and it’s a flop. The students just couldn’t understand the sentences. After reading 3 pages, I put down the picture book and gave up.

I saw the frustration in their faces and I was exasperated. Gosh! The first part of the lesson went well but why does this have to happen now? I ended the lesson on a low note.

With a heavy heart, I trudged my way to the library, a place where I could find solace…and borrowed yet a few more books, adding to the collection of the many unread library books at home.

A bear hug was given by the dear hubs who has prepared lunch for me. What’s even sweeter is the fact that he made soy bean with grass jelly drink for me after a casual remark that I missed that local drink. Such kindness, such thoughtfulness. It meant a lot to me because he’s uncomfortable with cooking; it’s certainly not his forte and to see him making the effort warmed my weary soul. And it’s exactly this day in 2009 that he cooked his first dish for me – an almost cooked teriyaki salmon – and I think it was that day that I decided to elevate our friendship to that of a BG relationship.

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It applies to a woman too! It’s nice to come home to a safe haven where you are accepted for who you are and that you can pour out all your woes to the one who love you deeply.

Thank you, my dearest.

I cannot live without you.

Lynn is my water. She sates my thirst. A fountain of pleasure. As a loving nurse.

A majestic waterfall. Of passion and love. A stream of praise. From God above.
She satisfies my every need
Throughout this lonely life
Reality looks sweet indeed
Ever with her as my wife
As days to weeks and months and years
May love surpass our earthly fears
Our God above, our lord and friend
Fasten our love to the very end
Peace and joy may it provide
Rivers of joy as we’re by Your side
A fountain of blessing to all around
In us, may Your own love be found
Satisfy us Lord, of our every need
Eternally, we are yours indeed.
Ken Quek, 15 Feb 2011

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