On the marriage panel

Ken and I were honoured to be asked by one of our church leaders to be on a marriage panel for an event yesterday. I mean, after all, we are newly weds and we’re not sure what insights we could offer to the singles but we’ll see.

It turned out awesome. Firstly, when we reached the big house, we found familiar faces, those of whom we met during last year’s retreat to NH. We had wonderful conversation with new friends and met our fellowmen! It’s more wonderful to know that the food was prepared by S’poreans and what’s on the menu were Hainanese Chicken Rice, Vegetarian curry, Kailan in oyster sauce and agar-agar, to name a few. AWESOME! It’s so home-sweet-home!

Being an event about marriage and since V-Day is coming, the guests were invited to make cards for their loved ones. Nice idea!

And so, we were on the panel sharing our love journey. I thought Ken spoke very well, eloquent and succinct (as usual). It was fun sharing our stories and addressing some of the questions posed by the floor. Thankfully, the guests kind of found it useful when they came up to us and gave us positive feedback. We certainly hope it has been useful to them!

It was fun being on the panel albeit the nervousness. To be honest, I was shaking while waiting for my turn to speak. It’s rather terrifying!

At home, I was just relating my moment with the hubs and he replied, “I was shaking too. You didn’t realise?”

So, I was not alone!


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