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What do we do with all this snow?


I like it hard

Tartine’s Deluxe Double-Chocolate Cookies

Baking this cookies for the marriage class this Sunday and they have a soft-firm consistency.

I still prefer cookies which are hard and crispy like those chocolate chip cookies I’ve baked.

FFWD: Chicken B’stilla

B’stilla is one of the dishes of Morocco and something that the French have adapted to make their own. This sweetly spiced dish is traditionally made with pigeon but Dorie uses chicken for her version.

It takes time to make this. I spent the whole morning fussing over this dish and the sheets of filo made me pant and work doubly fast. It’s my first time dealing with filo which is a kind of pastry (which I started yesterday) and I certainly hope that I won’t make a mess out of it. I had the hubs turn on Les Miserables so that I could move with the beat. Do you hear the people sing…singing the song of angry men…

Thankfully, all went well and it is indeed a delightful dish! The pics didn’t turn out well though. =(

Join us for French Fridays with Dorie!