Pastries – Apple Turnovers

How do you stay entertained when snowed in? I think the answer is obvious. I bake.

Before coming here, the answer to the above would be sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in hand and cuddling to a loved one. However, we do not have a fireplace in our studio apartment but a heater that faithfully gives out a loud grinding and hissing sound at 6.30am. It’s hardly romantic.

Today, at last, I laid my hands on Apple Turnover (using Quick Puff Pastry), something I have put aside for weeks. I wanted it to be easy but after reading up on pastries, decided that I should really understand the techniques before trying. So as not to bore you, this is what I’ve made. Read on if you want to know more about Pastries.

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Doctor visit

The afternoon after the nor’easter dumped up to 16 inches of snow in Boston, the streets were quiet with a few vehicles. Many have been advised to use public transport as the snow emergency will end only around 6pm. Till now, Boston has received 60 inches of snow in 31 days and has encountered one of the worst winters since 2005.

You will be safe and warm if you stay indoors but once you are outside, you have to be patient since public transport will be problematic (trains break down, delays and what have you) and be willing to brave the chill, not forgetting the nightmares of walking in inches-high snow and dipping into dirty puddles of water (sometimes you have no choice).

The Queks went out today. Yes, we like going out after a storm (nah…)but we wanted more to fix an appointment with a doctor or even better, to consult one if he/she was available.

We managed to fit into a slot at Dr Gorbovitsky’s  but the checking with the insurance company took really long. It’s definitely not something that I’m happy with but that’s how it works here. The affable Dr G. spent some time chatting with me over my family medical history and analysed my back. I was told I don’t have a strong back and that I don’t have a lumbar curve. Instead it is straight.

Shortly after, I was sent a few levels up to get an X-ray which was sent to her minutes after it was taken. Guess what we saw from the X-ray? There’s something strange – I have two tail bones?!!! Dr G. said she has never seen something like this before and went off to check with her colleagues. Whoah! Am I special or what? Anyway, she came back saying this is normal and went on to look for any fractures that I might have.

And I do. But it was a slight one just above the tail bone area. However, I really should watch out because any fall that I have from now on would result in a displacement and that would be serious. =(

So, no more running for a few weeks (phew!) and more stretching please. For the weak back, I think I need to go back to Pilates!

Credits: Boston Globe

@ 7.25am

This is the perpetual view from an angle of my kitchen window.

At times, I notice some movement from the corner of my eyes and when I look up, I would see the squirrel, no, squirrels gathering during Autumn.

But now is Winter and occasionally, I would see the squirrel, perched on the fence. Our eyes meet and our gaze linger, and wonder what each of us is engaged in.

It doesn’t take long though that we figure we could never understand each other completely and we soon move on, back to our own individual world.


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I think such an island is good for relatively small kitchen, with a marble top on it for cutting of food and kneading of dough.