Crisp Rosemary Flatbread

I need fuss-free dinner! A week ago, we received a parcel and in it were pre-mixes of favourite local dishes, sent with love by our CG leader! Hooray! So, I used one to make beef rendang and to accompany that dish was crisp rosemary flatbread which is absolutely awesome. I love it!

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I don’t wanna go to school!

It started snowing in the mid-afternoon. Rumors have it that there would be another snow emergency stemming from it.

K: Arghh…the school didn’t declare it as emergency. It’s snowing now! Come on!

L: It’s just flurries now. But pls snow more heavily later…oh…when the husband comes back from school, ok?

K: You also don’t want to go to school!

L: But I’m not studying! You are the one studying!

K: You’re worse! You’re teaching!

L: Nope! I’m helping only!

K: Oh come one! This website has already declared snow emergency! (*Refresh School Emergency Closure website).

L: The still shows no emergency news. Arghhh! You want to snow heavier or not?

In the end, the hubs gave up and went for his lesson.

Breaking news @ 7.23pm: Boston Public Schools canceled tomorrow.

HOORAY! cough! cough! I mean…Poor kids. Gotta miss school again. =p

Beef Hor Fun

One of the hubs’ favourite, I tried to make this again. This time round, I managed to get hold of hor fun and adapted the recipe from Rose’s Kitchenette. However, the result is slightly far from my own expectation. It’s my mistake though. I didn’t take out the Hor Fun from the refrigerator in time. So, I spent more time frying it and in the end, it became sticky.

Beef Hor Fun makes me think of the eatery at the back of the STB office and the memorable moments we had with our dear colleagues. The hubs and I would take turns ordering this particular dish because we really adore it.

Next time. I will try my best to achieve the kind of taste that I want, once I have figured it out. Till then, dear colleagues, hang in there.

Double-chocolate crepes

Crepes Au Chocolat, Deux Fois (adapted from David Lebovitz’s The sweet life in Paris).

Crepes are the quintessential French snack and they’re sold at stands all over Paris, often filled with a smear of Nutella or big chunks of melting chocolate. They are easy to make, but only when you get the hang of it.

My attempt at my first crepe was crappy. I couldn’t flip well and it became a

lump of chocolaty mess which the hubs gladly ate it. But the subsequent attempts went well. Before long, I was having fun.

This is good on the breakfast table and I certainly hope to experiment with different flavour in the crepes. This is the crepe (filled with mushrooms!) I had in a cafe at the Tuileries Garden near the Louvre. The batter could be made in advance and refrigerated overnight. Just let the batter come to room temperature before you cook the crepes and it only takes a few minutes to do that.

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