Local fare – Kueh Bangkit & Mee Jian Kueh

Busy…busy…busy. What is usually a relaxing day has turned out to be the busiest day of the week.

I went for professional development after four months in Boston. Yes, I would be teaching English as a Second Language coming this week and while I hold the qualification of teaching English in school, it would be a different game teaching ESL, primarily because my target group is different. They are mostly (I was informed) spouses of those who are sent here to studying in Boston. Well into adulthood, they are not like my usual students and would be greatly hindered by their mother tongue. I hope I can value-add to these group of students since English is technically my second language while Mandarin or Cantonese is my native language.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m baking another set of CNY goodies – Kueh Bangkit. These are cookies made up of largely of coconut milk (so don’t use low-fat!) and tapioca flour. The dough is very tricky and it is really testing my patience. It breaks up rather easily! To solve that, I add more coconut milk. The recipe is  taken from Little Corner of Mine.

-2 1/2 cups tapioca flour/tapioca starch
-1 Tbp. butter, melted
-1 egg yolk (from large egg)
-1 cup icing sugar
-120ml thick coconut milk

Fry the flour in the wok for about 1 to 2 minutes. Stir often and make sure it’s not burnt!

Sift tapioca flour and icing sugar in a big bowl. Add melted butter, yolk & coconut milk. Knead until the dough is pliable. (If the dough is wet or soft, add more tapioca flour, 1 Tbp. at a time and knead until it becomes a harder dough. Likewise, if it’s too dry, add more coconut milk).

Roll out the dough on lightly floured surface to about 3mm thickness. Cut into shapes with a cookie cutter. Arrange on lined baking tray and bake at 350’F for 15 to 20 minutes. It will puff when baked.

Before I knew it, dinner time was around the corner. I could not make the quick puff pastry in time for the Apple Turnover (bummer!) and had to think of alternatives. Before that, the hubs had kindly helped me grind the peanuts as I wanted to bake peanut cookies (another CNY goodies) but it was rather unsuccessful. Sarah’s recent attempt at Mee Jian Kueh (which is a form of pancake) gave me the idea to make this for dinner. And so dinner headache was resolved!

This can be commonly found in the hawker centre (food centre) and at times, mom would buy this for breakfast. Other possible filling (besides peanuts) are red bean paste, coconut shavings and perhaps kaya ( I think). Again, this is taken from another website – Piggy’s Cooking Journal.

I thought the taste differs slightly from the ones I had. Perhaps the next time, I would do without vanilla essence and reduce the amount for peanut (think healthy lifestyle!) and grease the pan with butter. But the pancake was great! This portion is sufficient for the two of us.

1 egg
30g caster sugar
30ml canola
125ml water
125g plain flour
3g baking powder
1g baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Filling (combine them together):
80g toasted peanuts, grind coarsely
70g caster sugar
20g salted butter, cut into small pieces

1) Combine egg and sugar in a medium bowl, beat the mixture with a whisk until sugar dissolves.
2) Add oil to the mixture, stir until combine. Then stir in half of the amount of water.
3) Sift plain flour, baking powder and baking soda onto the batter, then mix thoroughly.
4) Then stir in remaining water and vanilla essence into the batter.
5) Lightly grease a 30cm flat frying pan and put it on medium heat.
6) Pour the batter into the pan and when the pancake is almost cooked (air is escaping through some holes), sprinkle peanuts, sugar and pieces of butter on it.
7) When the pancake is fully cooked, flip one side over and fold in half. Dish out the pancake and then cut into 4 wedges. Serve.

I’m tired. I need a rest.