FFWD: Michel Roastang’s Double Chocolate Mousse Cake

I missed last Friday’s FFWD and resolved to stay at home to bake this today. Dorie Greenspan learned this recipe from the Michelin-starred chef Michel Rostang and it should be good!

This cake was rather easy to make but the tricky part is the whipping of the egg whites. If it’s not done well, it can cause the batter to leak out of the springform pan (and it happened to me). Many of us encountered problem with this part and Dorie came in and explained in the forum, “Excessive leaking might have to do with how the eggs are beaten and folded into the mousse.

Beating the egg whites properly is a very important step in the process …and the egg whites should hold peaks, but they must still be glossy. Once you lose the gloss on beaten egg whites, you lose their puff power too. When your egg whites break into clouds, it’s a sign that you’ve overbeaten them.

As for folding the whites into the mousse, it’s better to leave a few white streaks if necessary than to overwork the batter and knock the air out of the whites.”

My first layer of the cake did puff as indicated in the recipe and then dip. But it puffed more in a certain area rather than a cake as a whole. When the second layer was baked, it cracked, beautifully.

I decided to serve the cake baked and chilled, the way Dorie prefers which means putting in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.

After the long wait, the first mouthful was heavenly! This is darn GOOD! Goodness! A pity, though, that the removal of the cake from the springform pan caused it to break into pieces but well, the cake is super delicious and sometimes, that’s just good enough!

Some information on Baking with Chocolate

A baker’s dozen tips from CIA chef/instructor Stephen Durfee (Source: Popular Plates: Holiday Baking)

This information appears on the magazine and I found the facts enlightening. Unfortunately, it’s not right to post it in whole since it’s not my work. The little info here might help.

1. Do not store chocolate in the refrigerator. A lot of people make that mistake right off the bat. If you put chocolate in the fridge, when you take it out, it will get condensation on the surface.
It happens with all foods. If you take an apple out of the refrigerator, it will get conden- sation on it. It’s not a problem with apples. But this will cause sugar to come out of the choco- late, and it will leave that sugar condensed on the surface. The best way to store chocolate would be either in wax paper or in foil (better than plastic wrap). And obviously there’s a lot of fat in chocolate, so don’t store it next to the garlic or the onions or the blue cheese, because the fat will absorb those other flavors. Keep chocolate out of the sun, too. It should be stored in a cool place, and ideally in a dark place, just not next to the spice rack.
Also, don’t refrigerate cookies and brownies. Even candy with a chocolate cream center does not want to go in the fridge.
2. Make sure you’re baking with real chocolate.
3. If you’re making chocolate chunk cookies, make sure your chunks are consistent in size.
4. Don’t switch a recipe from dark chocolate to milk choclate.
5. Take care not to burn your chocolate. Most people melt chocolate over a double boiler. If your water’s too hot, it will scorch and ruin the chocolate. The chocolate wanted to be about 110F when it’s melted.
6. Don’t splash water into your chocolate.
7. Have a chocolate tasting and experience the difference terroir makes.
8. Chop chocolate with serrated knife.
9. Look for white chocolate recipes, rather than substituting white chocolate for dark chocolate.
10. Use the best-quality chocolate where you’ll really be able to appreciate it.
11. Get a good cleanup tool. Cleanup is done with hot water and a scraper.
12. Don’t throw out chocolate just because it has turned gray. The mold on the surface is caused by blooming and it’s what happens when chocolate gets warm. The fat just sort of separates and migrates to the surface, and it makes the chocolate look gray and funny and unattractive. It’s ok to bake with chocolate with blooming.


It snowed again.

And the best option is to stay at home. Public schools are closed and the public is advised to use public transport. Delays are expected in the early rush hours as the fast-moving storm is expected to dump as much as 8 inches of snow on the region before fading out this afternoon.

And so, a lazy day is before us. S and I are planning to have a bake-out session but is hampered by the snow. The spirits shoudn’t be dampened though! It’s Friday after all! It calls for celebration since the weekend is here!

A lazy day should be complemented by a lazy dish – Sukiyaki because it is easy to prepare. You just dump everything inside and wait for the rice to be cooked and viola! You’ve got a meal!

This is my third time attempting (my first attempt here) and I reckon that the proportion of light soy sauce: sugar: water is 1:1:3 (or even 4) but taste, taste, taste to see if it suits your palate. I’m cooking a slightly bigger portion so that we could have it for dinner too (a pity S couldn’t make it)

All you need for Sukiyaki (and I find less ingredients is more) are carrots, sweet onion, shittake mushrooms, cabbage and chicken tenderloin. This time round, however, I marinate the chicken beforehand with the usual suspects – hua diao cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt and pepper. The hubs love it and he eats the vegetables from this meal. Best!

Meanwhile, I will concentrate on my double mousse cake and Kueh Bangkit.

Double Mousse Cake I did make but not Kueh Bangkit. We missed a parcel from UPS and we thought we should just go claim it (not the first time already!).

It was a bad move.

The few inches of fresh snow was difficult to walk in and some of the pathways have not been cleared. It definitely is better than icy pavement and seemingly-safe muddy water but still, it’s rather challenging. The wind was strong and we felt our faces freeze up as we waited for the bus. And of all things, some snow got into my boots and my toes were screaming for help!

One should just stay at home when it is snowing. However, if you have no choice and have to go out, a positive and sunny attitude does help! =) Just have fun!