Nature Boy

Was just surfing when I came across this group – Pomplamoose. Love her voice and they make the attempt at producing such videos so fun! Youtube them for more songs!

What to do with pork belly?

After the attempt on making bak kwa, I still had a pound of pork belly. If you know me, those fatty parts would probably turn me off more than anything else and I’m wondering what to do with it.Throwing away is a waste, quite a sin although that is not an unusual practice for me. But still, it’s a big piece! How can I finish it/bear to throw it away?

Sarah to the rescue again! She invited me to cook with her and suggested that I do a Braised Pork in Soy Sauce. Why not?! Again, she linked me up with a fabulous foodie website and I did this dish an hour ago. And now, it’s done [pic shows lighting sucks]! Woohoo! I could add on to Sarah’s menu tonight!

But still, the question is what else I can do with pork belly? This is my answer with my limited knowledge.

Pork belly —> (1) Braised pork belly —> (a) Lor Mee
                                                                             —> (b) Kong Bak with buns 
                                                                                             [I might try the Momofuku’s way]
                      —> (2) Siew Yoke —> (a) Char Siew Siew Yoke Rice
                                                             —> (b) Stir-fried french beans with siew yoke
                                                             —> (c) Stir-fried potatoes with Siew Yoke
                       —> (3) Babi Pongteh

Going to cook with Sarah later. =)