The state I’m in

The table is messy with sheets of paper. The contents read dishes to prepare for the week, ingredients to buy and the food I craved when I was on the trip – Beef Hor Fun, Teo Chew Fish Porridge, Chicken Rice…

On the floor are open pages of various cookbooks, the references to some of the dishes to prepare.

On the screen are multiple tabs, each containing various recipes for Chinese New Year goodies. The kitchen smells of cookies now. The first batch came out and something was wrong. I really ought to stick to one type of measurement only and not use both the American and metric measurement. Now the product is weird.

I look like part of this family now. With prolong staring into the screen and books, no LASIK would help me if I don’t rest my eyes (or mind).

I didn’t realise that CNY is in the first week of February and shortly after it’s the dreaded V-Day. My mind kept trying to think up goodies to prepare and chocolates and truffles and those cute stuff for sweet couples and dear friends.

I think January and February would be busy months for me. Are you baking anything for CNY?


FFWD: Paris Mushroom Soup

I missed last Friday’s FFWD since I was still up in the air but I made up for it by preparing the Paris Mushroom Soup this morning! This is (ahem!) what I call commitment!

I’ve always love mushrooms, of all kinds. I remember years ago, before Dom left S’pore for good to Sydney, she introduced me to this mushroom place called Mushroom Pot (hope the name is right!) and we basically had mushrooms for dinner that night. I was intrigued by the various types of mushrooms available and the various ways of cooking them.

Then there was the Soup Spoon and I simply adored the Velvety mushroom soup. It doesn’t matter to me that it is way too starchy because I just love the bite of the mushroom. The feel was sensational. Hah!

And I was pleased that this Friday’s dish on the menu was Paris Mushroom Soup. It’s rather different from those Cream of Mushroom Soup as the name suggests. It used only one type of mushroom, i.e. white mushrooms and cooked together with garlic and large onions and some herbs. It was nice. The next time I cook this, I would use different types of mushrooms, preferably with fresh shittake mushrooms. Watch out for this space!

Do join us for FFWD. Grab her cookbook and let’s cook French together!