White Yosemite

Oh! Yosemite, how shall I describe you?

We could have the most amazing writer or the most renowned photographer to paint the most realistic picture of this national park but both will do injustice to its majesty.You have to be there to witness it.

Our trip to Yosemite started from SF where we took the Amtrak service (bus–>train–>bus) to our much anticipated destination. The journey itself was a most pleasant one because of the scenic view we had. The train passed through large pastures of green with the cattle grazing and I thought I found the sight somewhat familiar – it resembled one of the Microsoft wallpaper!

As the bus continued its jouney to Yosemite Lodge (our accommodation), Ken looked a tad worried until he caught a glimpse of the snow-capped mountain. His face lit up! That was his highlight of the whole trip – he could finally ski after a ten-break from his love! And he was so enthusiastic about it that he actually prepared all the clothing for the ski the night before and arranged them nicely in the clothes rack! Whoah! I was so impressed!

The second day at Yosemite saw us hopping onto the first bus to Badger Pass and Ken was at his most chatty state. This man of few words could actually talk non-stop when it comes to the topic on skiing! He was telling me his own skiing experiences and gave me a verbal tutorial on the sports. But of course, yours truly learns best through observation and practical experience and I was overwhelmed by the information. We went through the ski lesson (even though Ken could actually ski well) and I had extra lessons from Ken. Thank you for staying with me!

This is a really exhilarating sports. I got the kick when I could ski all the way down the slope without any mistakes but that was not without a few falls that saw my face landing right into the fluffy snow. At least the fall was not at all painful as compared to falling when I was learning roller-blading.

The whole experience was just incredible…and wouldn’t it be nice if we can come back during the various seasons?