Sin City

“Lights! Camera! Action!”

Welcome to Sin City! And be warned – You’ll be bombarded by the urge to spend. This is the place where you let loose, celebrate or just to get away. Numerous hotels with different themes line the strip and in each hotel, there are tons to do – shopping, eating at the various restaurants, gambling at the casinos, relaxing at the spas, enjoying the various entertainment such as musicals, cabaret shows, magic shows, etc – the list just goes on. Even if you can’t bear to part with dear cash, you will be much occupied with just soaking in the atmopshere or like us…taking pictures.

Las Vegas is never on my list of places to visit. In fact, the hubs and I had contemplated staying in Boston for the winter hols until M, his friend, suggested going to Sin City and Grand Canyon. The latter sounded terrific and it was a ‘go-ahead’ for us. Besides, we could avoid the cold. The cold we did avoid, as well as the blizzard that lashed on the East Coast a day after Christmas.

Anyway, Las Vegas is a crazy place. You are greeted with casinos as you enter each hotel and if you are not enticed by gambling, you are swarmped with malls with great discounts (Christmas sales!) and eateries. Oh, talk about eating! You can basically spend the whole day on this activity when you sign up for the $39.99 (for 24 hours) all-you-can-eat buffet in 8 participating hotels. Oh, the horrendous line that one has to be in and you basically have to be in the queue for at least an hour or two before you could get your first taste of food-glorious-food! I don’t quite understand why anyone would subject themselves to such training of the leg and stomach muscles and wonder if there will be people who miss one of the meals, i.e. one might miss the breakfast because by the time he is first in the line, it would be lunch by then. Well, at least he gets a meal in the end! The hubs was not in great condition and was haunted by sore throat and slight flu. What a pity!

Nonetheless, we managed a short tour of the strip in the daytime before retreating to our room (which was rather big!). As for me, I had the pleasure of having my desert pastry for breakfast and a complimentary cup of coffee (sign up for a free Rewards membership to get a booklet on discount coupons) from Payard, a French Patisserie and Bistro @ Caesars Palace. I was more excited by the eateries than anything else, frankly, and if I had the extra $$, it would be fantastic to have a good meal at one of those restaurants. Eating out here was expensive and for normal folks like us, we could only go for the usual fast-food stuff like burgers and fries (which is crappy fried food for the body) and food court (which is decent). I want to go back and cook my own food!Enough for Sin City. I really feel that the place is designed to cater to those with cash to spare but once is enough for poor folks like us.