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30 Stuff

I made this 30-stuff list on my birthday last year because I’m rather bo-liao but hey, this is like a challenge, isn’t it? Or like a life game! Anyway, I will be coming out with my 30-stuff list again for 2011. Contribute if you want. They must be SMART. 30 because I’m already in the 30s club.

1. Complete a biathlon. I’ve not attempted one before. I didn’t attempt it after all as I decided to stay off the sun in the beginning of the year in preparation for the customary wedding. =(

2. Complete an overseas marathon. I’ve completed! In 4h 56 min! Not a good timing but completed nonetheless.

3. Conduct Facebook and sms lessons for dad.  Dad didn’t want to learn…Sigh.

4. Clock in 750km for 2010. 828km for this year.

5. LASIK I did it in April and I have no regrets!

6. Walk through the whole Bible We are only at the 3/4 mark.

7. Read at least 12 books for the year  I have definitely read more than 12 books and most of them cookbooks. =p

8. Treat hubs to a musical. We watched Beauty & the Beast!

9. Set up e-bay account. I sold 2 trainers via togoparts!

10. Bake Matcha & Azuki Swiss roll . First attempt, here.

11. Perform a storytelling session for kids Performed during Christmas 2009

12. Sell off Ken’s TREK bike by Sept 2010. Not able to. We didn’t manage to sell off the bike. =(

13. Sell off exisiting shades by August 2010. Another task not achieved.

14. Complete the study on Proverbs 31 and aspire towards becoming the woman God wants me to be.

15. Organize hard disk’s info according to year  Not according to year but by subject-matter. Good enough.

16. Sew a top for a dinner. Not able.

17. Chicken rice @ Malacca I learnt to make chicken rice myself. Maybe that counts?

18. Finish HL products before we leave in Sept. Could not.

19. Have customary wedding. Yap! Had on 21 and 23 March!

20. Run a race with La femme. Ran the 10km @ Adidas Sundown Marathon but what a letdown!

21. Cook and document 30 different dishes on the blog. This suggestion is contributed by Ken and yes, I’ve completed this project!

22. Rollerblade with Peggyand/or EK. We bladed on 3 Jan 2010!

23. Complete a short course in BostonI’ve attended a one day course on cake decorating at Le Corden Bleu!

24. Compile all the poems that Ken wrote me. Not yet!

25. Do a canvas painting. Couldn’tdo it.

26. Prepare a dish/dessert once every month for CG for a period of 6 months. Have completed that by July! =)

27. Complete reading a Chinese book.  I have not read a single Chinese book since ‘O’ Levels. This is going to be a GREAT challenge. OK. It is not lao fu zi that I have in mind but a autobiography of Rene Liu which I bought many years back in China.

28. Something for K. I don’t know what that is honestly but I want to think that the best gift to him is that I’m happy whenever I’m with him; He doesn’t need/want anything besides that =)

29. Treat hubs to a spa. He is always the one who treats me. I want to give him one! Mission failed. In the end, it’s still him who treated me.

30. A car-free day every fortnight till August. I am debt-free as of July! Woo hoo! It’s a wonderful feeling to be debt-free! FREEDOM!