I finally put my plan into action when I went down to have a chat with the co-ordinator for teaching ESL. Yup. I would be teaching English to adults; it’s a volunteer position. Since we have both settled rather neatly in Boston, it’s time for me to venture into other areas and teaching ESL will be an excellent opportunity for me to connect with people too! It’s also timely for me to get back into teaching and might serve as a wonderful training ground!

We caught Black Swan after that. I had wanted to watch it since I was rather captivated by Natalie Portman’s performance from the trailer. I know it’s a psychological thriller and normally not my cup of tea (I prefer romantic shows) but I was rather intrigued by the dance and so decided to go for it.

I thought Natalie put up an excellent performance and the character that she played scared the hell out of me. My head was buried during some scenes and Ken’s right arm might be bruised from my tight grip. I shan’t bore you with my review of the movie but personally I feel it is a wonderful show, artistically filmed.

We left the theatre and were met by snowfall again (nice!) but my mind wandered to the life of a ballerina. What tough training she has to go through! I have an added level of respect for these dancers now ( I am not a dance person so this is an entirely new subject for me). My interest led me to find out more and look what I have discovered? (see youtube video below). But having said that, I don’t think I would be able to appreciate ballet so I’ll give the Nutcracker a miss.

Back at the kitchen, I’m trying to clear whatever perishables I have in the refrigerator. So, it would be minced beef soup. I wanted to create some ramen feel to my creation and added the hard-boiled eggs. This time I cheated; I used ready-made beef broth which tasted horrible to me. But after I’ve added the egg noodle (not so Japanese eh?) and miced pork, the concoction tasted good (surprisingly!).

It pays to wait-and-see.

From Life is Meals: For a hard-boiled eg, put an egg that is at rom temperature into slowly boiling water for 10 – 12 minutes, then place in coldwater for 6 – 7 minutes to stop the cooking and make the shell easy to peel. Eggs cooked too long have rubbery whites and yolks that tend to crumble.

Eggs should be stored unwashed with the narrow end down in the least cold part of the refrigerator. Generally, they’ll last a month. Refrigerated raw egg whites keep for up to 12 hours; a yolk for 24 hours.