Butter Cookies

I didn’t intend to bake them but I received a distress signal from my sis who was at her wit’s ends; her cookies were unsuccessful and she wondered why.

We communicated for a while, laying all possibilities for the flakey cookies. I was puzzled because my sis has more experience in the kitchen and even if she were to encounter any difficulties, it would be other stuff and definitely NOT….cookies!

So, my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to test if the recipe was all right. I decided to bake them. We are 12 hours apart and I wanted to share my results before she retired for the day.

We shared the same technique and had the same result for the dough. But the finished products differed. Mine came out okay and were butter cookies all right. In the end, we both agreed that it could be her oven (or was it toaster?) that was the culprit. She has brought her toaster to the new place which used a different voltage and this could be the reason why her baked goods didn’t turn out well.

Yup. That could be it. Mystery solved! But well, I think my BIL would have to fork out some resources for an oven now.

From Notes on Cooking: Avoid even numbers when plating food.

Bilateral symmetry can suggest animal or human forms; shun such anthropomorphizing unless you are making gingerbread men. Imbalance adds interest. One exception: eggs, sunny-side up, look good in twos for some reason (likely Freudian).

2 thoughts on “Butter Cookies

  1. Gonna get an oven (not a toaster this time round!) tomorrow and prepare the batter before I leave for Christmas mass. Then on Sat I’ll bake it and see how. If it turns out the same, then I’ll just return the oven (cos Carrefour got return policy)!! Yeah! No need to waste money if the problem doesn’t lie with the equipment but me. 😦

    • Ya…I hope it is really the voltage problem and that you will NOT find any issues with the new oven!

      I’m quite sure the issue is not with you…seriously. Let me know!!!!

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