One more week to Christmas? So fast?

Huh? It’s one more week to Christmas! How did time pass so fast?

I wasn’t really in the mood yet, strange as it might sound. After all, I have had Christmas parties, baking of log cakes, receiving Christmas cards and singing of carols but the Christmas warmth has not filled my heart. I wonder why.

The weekend has ended with more eating, cooking, baking, organising of games at PSIF and a musical.

The 4 Singaporean couples gathered at the Pangs for a potluck dinner. Owing to A who suggested an Ang Mo dish, it was decided that we go with the theme. So, we had a VERY rich dinner, complete with lobster bisque (Sarah’s), Kale and bacon casserole (Amy’s), pasta with chicken (Joy’s) and my Gordan Ramsay’s version of the Greek Moussaka. We had 8 of us and could only finish the first 2 dishes. So, I’ve learnt…for potluck, there’s really no need to cook more. If everyone contributes a little, it would be sufficient to go around.

Today also marked the last PSIF for this season and we ended it with a programme – a game comprising 7 stations for the various groups to complete. I was in charge of the station called ‘Guess the ingredients’. Remember the speculoos that I baked? The groups would have to taste them and to guess the ingredients that went into the baking. As the station master, I must say I enjoyed it tremendously! I was tickled by their discussion!

” Oh, this tastes so sweet. There’s sure to have sugar!”
“I can already smell ginger!”
” I think there’s baking soda or powder. Not sure which one though…”
“Maybe there’s water?” “Nah, in baking, water is not counted as ingredient.”
“Argh…I don’t know much about baking cookies. Usually, I use pre-mix.”

Looking at their expressions, it was truly an intense moment!

So, with this programme, we bade farewell to the brothers and sisters here. Until next season, be good! And off to the musical ‘Black Nativity’ we went!


It’s been a good season thus far for the Queks. When we left for the US, we both knew that it was not just mere studies that brought us here. Somehow, we knew that the Almighty has greater plans and each day, we were on an adventure with Him and as He slowly revealed, we could not help but give thanks.

Indeed, it has been an honour to worship with the folks at Park Street Church. We somehow got ourselves as to co-lead the current group that we have and about half of them are seekers. It has been a most humbling as well as a great learning experience for both of us. Sometimes, it frustrates me that they wanted evidence to prove the existence of the Almighty and well, we could well understand why since they were all scholars, researchers, Drs. and even scientists, people of, well, very learned background. We couldn’t fully explain some things (if we can, you might as well call us gods) but it kept us wanting to read up more too. Of course, most of the times, even when the evidence was already before their eyes, they would still not believe. It takes a leap of faith to step into the unknown and only He could move the hearts of men, not us.

We are grateful that the Lord placed them in our lives and indeed we had great fun with them. About 10 more days to a new year and we’re waiting for more adventures with Him.