FFWD: Speculoos

Another winner from her list of recipes. Speculoos are crisp brown-sugar cookies that have their origins from Belgium; they are the cookie that celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas, the man we know as Father Christmas, or Santa Claus. The predominant spice is cinnamon but Dorie’s recipe includes a pinch of cloves and ginger which make the cookies slightly more complex.

The rolled-out dough has to be chilled for at least 3 hours and so I made it the night before.

The cookies were so tasty! I couldn’t help myself but to reach out for more and at the same time reminding myself that my waistline is expanding. Moments later, the hubs also came in and ‘stole’ some to eat. Thankfully, I made them into small pieces. To eat more small pieces = 1 large piece (deception).