Although Ken was officially free from school yesterday, I still had to attend mine as the public schools’ term wouldn’t be ending till next week =(. How sad is that?

I’m happy still because after school, we would be going out! Yay! We decided to go out because we wanted to make use of the 60% discount at Borders and to check out Boston Common.


So, it’s lunch at BK before heading towards the gardens. Ahh…the water in the pond had solidified and we decided to walk on it after seeing a group of boys sliding. We were fearful though that the ice would crack! See…Ken was not even playing a fool here. The skate rink at the Frog’s Pond at Boston Common was open and well, we could save that activity for another day!


I didn’t manage to buy anything at Borders. I was thinking that most of the cooking/baking books could be borrowed from the library and thinking about bringing them back home was a great enough consideration. Most of the books on display failed to inspire me too; they were too mainstream. I was looking more for those cakes byHidemi Sugino, a great pastry chef from Japan but his works are not translated! Irritating! Besides, the internet IS a wonderful resource to go to for recipes and ideas. So, I stayed at Borders for a looong time and decided not to purchase any in the end.

Right now, I am also thinking about which area I should specialise in and really go in depth in it (sounds like some University courses, eh?).

I’m quite torn, really. What do you suggest?